The BBC need to stop policing classical music concerts

‘I could have done without that bravo at the end.’  A BBC 3 presenters’ response to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s return to the proms. Hyperbole can bend the truth, but not in this instance through the BBC’s coverage of the Proms concerts. An inexplicable performance of Brahms’ 3rd symphony with Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla andContinue reading “The BBC need to stop policing classical music concerts”

Celebration, graduation and inspiring humility

I make up part of the Odora Piano Trio and have witnessed, with surprise, confusion, delight and pride how our creative lives have changed both together and individually since our formation in early 2017, when we were just 19. We have each graduated now- me from my undergrad and Sophie and Songeun have just completedContinue reading “Celebration, graduation and inspiring humility”

Disordered practice is a mental health issue

–Rebecca’s edited practice meme, alongside the original post, demonstrating toxic practice culture which pervades the classical music online presence Working with Rebecca recently has seen me dig deeper into my past as a musician. Her diligence in helping musicians recognise their worth purely as people is so important and inspiring. Still, there is a youngerContinue reading “Disordered practice is a mental health issue”

Our fear of being unprepared won’t end well

Lying in bed at 9:40 on a Sunday night isn’t an easy place. The looming week ahead has coined the phrase ‘Sunday Blues’ for a good reason, and here I find myself hard-core relating. Tomorrow sees a rehearsal with my piano trio- the second rehearsal since playing together again and, truthfully, I am elated. ButContinue reading “Our fear of being unprepared won’t end well”

The Tipping Point of Perfectionism

Do you ever find yourself writing elaborate to-do lists for the next day, while thinking ‘I’ll start fresh with the new me tomorrow, and it will be amazing’? Or perhaps you feel the urge to completely re-organise your bedroom furniture and buy a new stationery set before you can begin that pesky task that you know you need to do. These habits of procrastination are just a few of the numerous counterproductive behaviour patterns which fall into the category of perfectionism.

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome! I have loved hearing from you all and the feedback from the podcast has been really encouraging. I have been so grateful to my guests for their openness and amazing wisdom. I am now looking forward to continuing sharing, this time via this website! I understand that there are many people that would loveContinue reading “Welcome to our new website!”