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Make Some Noise

by Rebecca Toal Scene: Royal Albert Hall, Prom concert, muggy Saturday afternoon in September, hungover, with a friend Imagine it: you’ve scouted out some better seats for the second half so you can see the brass section, and the man two seats down from you, his arm around his small son’s shoulders, apologises “this isContinue reading “Make Some Noise”

The BBC need to stop policing classical music concerts

‘I could have done without that bravo at the end.’  A BBC 3 presenters’ response to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s return to the proms. Hyperbole can bend the truth, but not in this instance through the BBC’s coverage of the Proms concerts. An inexplicable performance of Brahms’ 3rd symphony with Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla andContinue reading “The BBC need to stop policing classical music concerts”

Stuck in-between

It’s not a new feeling being stuck in-between places, between old and new, in the unknown. It happened the summer before moving to sixth form in Manchester and then the summer two years later before starting my undergrad. It’s scarily hard trying to imagine what life will look like come September and so you conjureContinue reading “Stuck in-between”


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