Disordered practice is a mental health issue

–Rebecca’s edited practice meme, alongside the original post, demonstrating toxic practice culture which pervades the classical music online presence Working with Rebecca recently has seen me dig deeper into my past as a musician. Her diligence in helping musicians recognise their worth purely as people is so important and inspiring. Still, there is a youngerContinue reading “Disordered practice is a mental health issue”

Our fear of being unprepared won’t end well

Lying in bed at 9:40 on a Sunday night isn’t an easy place. The looming week ahead has coined the phrase ‘Sunday Blues’ for a good reason, and here I find myself hard-core relating. Tomorrow sees a rehearsal with my piano trio- the second rehearsal since playing together again and, truthfully, I am elated. ButContinue reading “Our fear of being unprepared won’t end well”